What to Do About Sunken Storm Drains

parking lot with men holding umbrella

A storm drain prevents flooding during a storm, so it is a vital element of your commercial property. If you want your pavement and parking lot to be fairly water-free during and after rainfall, storm drains are essential.

Many property owners do not pay close attention to storm drains unless they experience problems, and by that time, it may be too late. Issues such as sunken drains lead to severe accidents. When this happens, businesses can experience loss in reputation and revenue.

Sunken Drain: What is it?

As their name suggests, these storm drains are not flush against the road’s surface; they’re sunken in. There is a visible depression that surrounds the storm drain which may cause folks to stumble and fall, particularly if visibility is poor. Also, sunken drains may cause issues for cars that travel over them, potentially leading to property damage, injuries and accidents.

Surfaces with sunken drains are not considered accessible since it is challenging to ride a wheelchair safely on such surfaces. If you have these types of drains on your commercial property, it is critical to have storm drain repairs performed.

Repairing A Sunken Storm Drain

Routine and complete parking lot inspections are a vital part of lot maintenance. This allows you to spot and quickly address concerns as they arise. A professional paving company can immediately point out indications of sunken drains and provide solutions.

Here is what you can expect from an expert inspection:

  • They will perform a full walk through of the property then note all drains.
  • They then will inspect them to look for depressions and problems around the storm drains. The professionals measure the storm drain, open up its lid, and carefully evaluate the space surrounding the structure.
  • After their inspection is performed, they will produce a thorough report and provide an estimation that explains the lot repair price involved.

It is essential that you quickly take care of parking lot problems as soon as you can, as ignoring them may lead to severe repercussions. If you employ a contract and approve of the budget, the work can often be performed within a matter of days.

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