What are the Top Advantages of Using Asphalt?

asphalt road

The majority of America’s roads are resurfaced with asphalt. Why? Well, asphalt utilization comes with many benefits. On highways, the surface offers high skid resistance and contrast that gives greater road visibility in unfavorable weather conditions. It is smooth and quiet. This can help reduce roadway noise and driver distractions. When it comes to local roads and highways, asphalt even has a hand in keeping taxes low since the rapid construction process allows projects to move forward quickly. Could asphalt be the right choice for your paving project? Read on to learn more about the top advantages of asphalt.

1: Fast Installation Process

One of the many benefits of an asphalt driveway is the quick installation process. Paving companies can typically install an asphalt project quickly. On the other hand, concrete roads can take up to a week to cure before you are able to use them. With asphalt, little site preparation is needed and road or driveway usage is practically permitted as soon as the rollers are finished.

2: Durability

Another benefit of asphalt is its durability. Since asphalt is more flexible than many other pavement surface types, it is able to expand, contract, and adjust to shifting temperatures. It is also better suited to occasionally bear heavy loads. In contrast to other pavement, asphalt also requires minimal maintenance. Typically, it is a good idea to reach out to a paving company for sealcoating services every few years to maximize the lifespan of your asphalt.

3: Boost Curb Appeal

Take a moment and think about the roads you see in car commercials and movies. The majority of them are shot on asphalt! The aesthetics and contrast work well for the screen and in real life. Simply put: asphalt is attractive. One of the best ways to improve the visual appeal of your property is to install asphalt. The smooth and seamless appearance of asphalt is always a favorite for property owners.

4: Budget-Friendly

This sleek, smooth pavement type isn’t just easy on the eyes. It is also easy on the wallet! Asphalt is much less expensive compared to concrete . These cost savings can rapidly add up if you have a large project. The cost of labor is also much lower since asphalt is much faster to complete than using concrete or other materials. Plus, it can reduce wear and tear on vehicles due to fewer bumps in the road which has the potential to lower vehicle operating costs.

5: Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that asphalt is 100% recyclable? That’s right! When road crews scrape up pavement, they’re able to reuse and recycle millions of tons of asphalt pavement each year. Less energy is also needed to produce and construct asphalt than other pavement materials. Old tires and shingles can even be repurposed as new asphalt pavement materials. Giving new life to these old materials helps reduce landfill space and conserve natural resources.

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