What Are the Different Kinds Of Asphalt Pavement Restoration?

asphalt pavement restoration

If you’re experiencing a pavement problem, it is vital that you quickly fix the issue. Pavement restoration repairs minor problems while ensuring your asphalt lasts for a long period of time. It is among the top ways to safeguard your pavement. However, which kind of restoration is right for you? Below, we’ll cover some common pavement restoration types.

Surface Patching
If you require a fast solution for your damaged pavement, surface patching is an excellent choice. Generally, this repair is utilized on high-traffic pavements such as parking lots and roads. It offers emergency relief for sudden cold patches, cracks, and other sorts of damage. But this repair is just meant to offer temporary relief.

Crack Sealing
Crack sealing, as its name suggests, is utilized to seal cracks which form in the pavement. A repair team will utilize a unique material that seals and repairs the damage and creates a smooth surface. While crack sealing is reliable and common, it can just be utilized on specific kinds of cracks. Other problems require a different kind of restoration.

Sawcutting & Removal
Usually, alligator cracks and additional kinds of serious damage require this treatment. Simplistic sealing can’t treat all kinds of pavement damage. More complicated problems require a crew that uses a saw cutter that removes the damaged pavement. After that, they’ll repave the space to develop a new surface.

Many Additional Services
So, which sort of pavement restoration is the best? It all depends upon various factors. Some businesses require pothole repairs, patch repairs, asphalt replacements, and much more. During a consultation we’ll be happy to analyze your specific needs and discuss the best options.

Obtain a Professional Opinion
The crew at Kissner Paving knows that all projects are different. That is why we provide free consultations. Call us right away for a full evaluation of your asphalt pavement. We will come up with a strategy based upon your budget, pavement type, and your repair goals. Do not delay your pavement restoration. Call today at (706) 956-5296.