What are the Best Conditions for Sealcoating a Driveway?

sealcoating driveway

Sealcoating, ideally, ought to be applied to a driveway when the weather is dry and warm. These conditions are optimal for making sure that the sealcoating effectively and efficiently cures and dries.

If temperatures are under 50-degrees F or above 85-degrees F, the sealcoating might not cure properly, which results in a decrease in performance. Since the majority of sealcoating is water based, there’s also the possibility that it might freeze if temperatures go too low. If this happens, permanent damage is possible. However, if your paving contractor is using a sealer that is solvent based, it is possible to sealcoat the driveway in colder weather.

In addition to particularly low or high temperatures, rain and humidity can also impair the effectiveness of sealcoating. As such, it’s wise to avoid sealcoating the driveway if it’s wet or the weather forecast shows indications of rain.

Best time for sealcoating the driveway

One of the best seasons of the year to sealcoat a driveway is usually fall. The fall season is perfect for sealcoating, because humidity is minimal and temperatures are often optimal.

Typically, the warm temperatures in early summertime are also a good time to sealcoat the driveway. But, the soaring temperatures and high levels of humidity that occur as the season progresses make for less than ideal conditions. Despite having milder temperatures, frequent rainfall during spring prevents it from being the perfect time to sealcoat the driveway.

Unless you’re using a sealer that is solvent based or reside in a region that has mild winters, sealcoating a driveway in the winter is often impossible. In the coolest time of the year, temperatures can dip below 40-degrees. Those conditions cause the majority of sealcoating types to freeze.

Sealcoating the driveway helps keep it looking fantastic for years into the future. To safeguard your driveway from harsh weather, think about using the services of Kissner Paving. We’re a residential sealcoating business in Chattanooga, TN committed to giving you the services needed to preserve and protect the value of your property. Our sealcoating ranges from commercial parking lots to residential driveways.

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