Ways to Safeguard Your Pavement From Harsh Winter Weather

harsh winter weather

Even the highest quality of pavement that is installed by the most qualified professionals still can succumb to winter weather related damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare so you are able to take action and minimize damages.

A lot of folks mistakenly think that it’s the cold, harsh  temperatures elicit a devastating impact on the pavement. In reality, it’s the freeze/ thaw cycle which repeatedly occurs and ultimately causes the damage to the asphalt surfaces.

Remember from science class that freezing contracts, whereas thawing causes expansion. Now imagine this happening repeatedly, all throughout the winter. This winds up causing new damage, in addition to affecting the already existing holes or cracks, and making them worse.

Be Proactive About Prevention

Some fairly easy tips will help to keep the pavement in tact, or at least minimize your damages:

Address existing pavement issues by filling cracks and sealcoating! This should be done before the temperatures dip below 50-degrees, as the seal coat requires time to cure overnight. You can take this critical measure before the winter weather moves in and you’ll have the ability to help save the pavement.

Prior to the first snow, get rid of debris and get the surface cleaned. It will help you identify existing problems you might not have already known about. Also, it makes it easier to address if something freezes in place, which might otherwise get in the way of a snowplow.

When the snow starts, plan to regularly shovel. This helps to decrease the likelihood of any melting snow freezing to the ice, which contributes to the freeze and thaw cycle that may be so damaging.

Apart from snow, be on the lookout for pooling water. Where water pools one day, often develops into a pothole upon spring’s arrival. Get repairs done as fast as possible in order to avoid this, even if that means arranging repaving for spring to prevent pavement surfaces from growing worse.

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