Tennis Court Paving

tennis court paving

Tennis is among the most highly sought-after sports in the world, and interest in the sport is increasingly expanding all throughout the US. Major sports interests within the United States include basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, which are also more prominently featured in the media. The runner-up to the top four most popular sports in the United States is soccer; however tennis is creeping up as a close second due to several contributing factors. 

Spotlight on Tennis 

Over the last couple of decades, mass media made the tennis sector much more visible to people in America. TV has offered consistent tennis coverage in seasonal tournaments, the Olympics, and several other major tennis matches. Even more influential, the digital age is saturated with sports and has opened up more real estate for tennis. Social media, tennis videos, and many other internet marketing platforms, the sport is gaining traction, and with the digital footprint, earning more time in the spotlight.

Future Of Tennis

With more people becoming health conscious nowadays, a high cardiovascular sport such as tennis can make for an appealing outlet. Health advocates who want to get their exercise as they engage in a new hobby which intrigues them often discover tennis can bring about an ideal balance. Another vital trend helping keep the sport alive and well while encouraging more enthusiasts to explore the game is accessibility. Many residential complexes and athletic clubs are adding courts to their amenities, which encourages new athletes to consider grabbing a tennis racquet and giving tennis a try.

Are you in need of tennis court paving services for an apartment complex, retirement community, resort or home in Chattanooga, TN? If the answer is yes, please feel free to get in touch with Kissner Paving right away at (706) 956-5296. Our More than 95 percent of all courts are “hard” tennis courts. Usually, this means that they’re made with two asphalt layers that total 5” depth, placed atop a 6” crushed limestone base. Our expert team has the experience to construct a tennis court that suits your surroundings and needs.