Residential Seal Coating

Kissner Paving is the local leader when it comes to residential seal coating. Sealcoating your asphalt surface not only protects your home’s investment, but also significantly beautifies it. Studies show that periodic sealcoating can increase asphalt lifetime by 6 to 10 times, as compared to a do-nothing approach.Residential Seal Coating

We use only the best highest grade asphalt sealants for all of our residential sealcoating projects, serving home owners in Chattanooga, and the surrounding areas of Tennessee and Georgia. You can trust that our experienced contractors know what it takes to ensure your driveway is safe, functional and looks great.

An asphalt driveway may last years with the right maintenance. When correctly maintained, a driveway’s life expectancy can realistically be doubled. Occasionally folks are misled into thinking that asphalt seal coating is just for aesthetic purposes.

Pro-grade seal coating not only enhances asphalt appearance, it expands the life of the asphalt by making the surface more resistant to deterioration from chemicals, oil, and gases. In  addition, it’ll prevent erosion from natural elements, like thawing, freezing, rain, and excessive sunlight.

The seal coating helps to fully seal the porous surface. This aids in preventing further asphalt deterioration. When it dries (in about 24 – 36 hours), it’ll form a protective, tough coating which protects the pavement from the harsh weather elements. As an added bonus, it keeps the surface looking great as well! However, it is vital to understand that sealer isn’t a filler for pits and voids within pavement. This type of damage requires additional attention.

Kissner Paving’s sealants are long lasting and durable. Asphalt seal coating is odorless, non-burning, fast-drying, and more importantly, eco-friendly.  Extra sand gets mixed with sealer to ensure the product’s longevity and help assist with tire traction.

Our residential seal coating crew at Kissner Paving makes all necessary driveway repairs before we apply a protective asphalt sealant upon the surface of the pavement. The sealant helps prevent moisture from causing cracks in the residential driveway.

Residential seal coating has the potential to not only help you save money on future repairs, it additionally assists in contributing to your home’s curb appeal. Unlike commercial asphalt surfaces which require two coats, a single heavy coat is often all that is required for a residential driveway. That means we have the ability to work efficiently with a high-quality outcome. For the best results, a commercial grade sealer must be applied with the use of a spray technique (to make sure there is an even coat) every two years.

The driveway seal coating process involves:

  • Edging your driveway
  • Cleaning & the removal of loose debris and dirt
  • If applicable, driveway repairs (Asphalt repairs, crack filling)
  • A single heavy sealant coat is applied. (using the spray technique)

For more information on our Residential Seal Coating services, contact our expert team today!

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