Commercial Seal Coating

Did you know that periodic Sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt by 6 – 10 times? Sealcoating is our specialty, and has been since 1958. Sealcoating your asphalt surface not only protects your investment, but also significantly beautifies it. All asphalt sealants are not created equally, there are many products available today, which is why at Kissner, we use only the highest industrial grade asphalt sealants.Seal Coating image

In the market today, there’s a broad array in sealant quality. Don’t be fooled by a ‘budget sealant’. They won’t protect, enhance, or last as long as Kissner Paving’s industrial grade sealant. Kissner Paving carries the best quality sealant available with the ideal mixture of the top additives for your particular weather climate. Kissner Paving’s pavement sealer slows the destructive sun oxidation, prevents water penetration and helps improve appearance. Since regular driveway maintenance can help double the life of asphalt, seal coating can be a wise investment for business owners.

Hot Rubber Sealing

Kissner Paving’s crack sealer gets heated to a 400-degree liquid. It is then poured inside cracks. The warm rubber gets scraped out by hand, before it is permitted to cool. This seals the crack and protects it from water penetration, as well as thaw/freeze damage. The rubber stays pliable in winter temperatures, and resists splitting and more degradation. There aren’t any viable DIY options for quality filler. A ‘joint’ involves the gap developing between the asphalt and concrete and is highly prone to water damage. The seam gets filled within a likewise process. A warm air lance with a stream of air at 90 cu. ft./ minute and 2,000-degrees might be utilized to prepare cracks.

Pavement Marking

We believe quality products and experienced workmanship are important. That’s why we use industrial grade asphalt sealants and our team at Kissner Paving follows an in-depth protocol for every driveway and parking lot project. This helps ensure optimal protection and long-lasting results. The majority of driveway packages involve heat treatment of oil stains, power cleaning, grass edging, as well as entrance barricading using Caution tape. After all, it would be difficult to enjoy a gorgeous driveway that has sealant splashes all over the garage doors or concrete. With us, there’ll be no mess and you can sit back and appreciate a truly professional result!

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