When is the Best Time of Year to Get Your Home’s Driveway Seal Coated?

before and after driveway

Each year, homeowners spend a lot of money to improve the look of their properties; but one affordable area that many people forget is the driveway. The driveway is a critical part of your landscaping because it’ll help give a great impression of your property. Does your driveway leave much to be desired? Don’t worry!…

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How to Make Sure Your Property is ADA Compliant

tar driveway

Proper concrete curbing? Check. Smooth asphalt? Check. ADA compliant? Well, that’s a question a lot of property managers have a problem answering. This is because there are a lot of small details that go into ensuring that a property meets all of the requirements by the ADA. Kissner Paving always ensures that all projects we’re…

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Why is Asphalt Preventative Maintenance and Restoration Important?

commercial paving

Asphalt preventative maintenance and restoration is an essential part of keeping public places both aesthetically pleasing and safe. It’s a multi-step procedure that involves rejuvenation, resurfacing, and milling. At Kissner Paving, we care for Chattanooga’s most well-known areas’ asphalt resurfacing and milling needs. We take a lot of care in the various steps of the…

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Concrete Vs Asphalt Road Construction

commercial paved road

Concrete and asphalt are both highly sought-after solutions for road construction. But these materials are better used for somewhat different projects. Therefore, which one is better for you? In this post, you’ll learn more information on the differences between concrete and asphalt road construction. Then, you will have the ability to make an educated decision…

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How to Boost Curb Appeal With Sidewalk and Front Walk Construction

before and after driveway

A great sidewalk and front walk can significantly change the appearance of your property. For a homeowner, those simplistic features may enhance the curb appeal of your home. However, for business owners, an excellent sidewalk and front walk actually can attract new customers and boost sales. Learn how those small features may make a huge…

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Concrete vs. Asphalt Parking Lot: Which one is best for you?

Commercial Parking Lot

If you’re refreshing your commercial property with a new parking lot or building a new home, it’s important that you select the proper material to pave the parking lot. For commercial or residential parking lot paving, you typically have two options to select from – concrete or asphalt. What is the difference between them? They…

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Why is Residential Sealcoating Important?

before and after driveway sealing

Driveway sealing is a cost effective and easy method of protecting and prolonging your driveway’s life. Asphalt surfaces are especially prone to wear and tear, both from automobile traffic and weather, and the asphalt grade that is commonly utilized on driveways is even more so. Sealing driveways at consistent intervals provides the driveway the extra…

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Ways to Safeguard Your Pavement From Harsh Winter Weather

harsh winter weather

Even the highest quality of pavement that is installed by the most qualified professionals still can succumb to winter weather related damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare so you are able to take action and minimize damages. A lot of folks mistakenly think that it’s the cold, harsh  temperatures elicit a devastating…

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How to Maintain your Commercial Property’s Asphalt Striping?

commercial asphalt stripping

Your parking lot will create the first impression customers have of your business, and you must take measures to ensure it makes the best impression possible. One great way to ensure your Chattanooga area business stands out is to keep its asphalt paving in good condition. Here’s a look at why well-maintained pavement matters: Safety…

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Improve Sustainability Using These Methods of Asphalt Preservation

commercial paving Chattanooga

Sustainability is front and center of importance right now as we maintain our present standard of living for our future and current generations. In terms of constructing pavements, asphalt is the most sustainable material around. Asphalt preservation treatment decreases the damaging impact of deterioration and aging of pavement surface layers. Treatment also safeguards the underlying…

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