Best Time to Consider a New Asphalt Driveway

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Asphalt is a durable driveway material and may last for decades. Regardless, asphalt paving in the wrong conditions is asking for premature repairs and early deterioration. On the other hand, knowing temperature estimates and other types of environmental factors will set you up for success and save you lots of money in the future.

Early Fall or Late Spring

Late spring may be a great time to pave the driveway; so long as the ground is fully thawed and temperatures outdoors are above 50-degrees Fahrenheit.

The summer season is when paving services are in full swing. The long hours of sunshine, dry weather, and high evening temperatures provide the best environment for the fresh asphalt to cure correctly.

Also, early fall is an excellent time for a paving project; however, it’s better to get started sooner instead of later.

Time of year: Does it matter?

The time of year does matter because surface temperatures, humidity levels, and ambient temperatures all play a big part in how paving jobs turn out. Hot mix asphalt remains pliable and manageable for a lot longer in hotter weather. Asphalt mix has to remain between 175-degrees Fahrenheit and 275-degrees Fahrenheit to correctly compact and set. Elevated temperatures ensure that the pavement does not harden too rapidly. During the warmer seasons, the asphalt is easier to spread and pour, which allows contractors to take their time in producing durable and smooth results.

Laying asphalt in the wintertime is more challenging. Once temperatures dip below 50-degrees Fahrenheit, the quantity of time paving teams must work with the product is significantly shortened. When the asphalt mix gets exposed to the cool conditions, it will harden a lot more rapidly and is harder to pour. The asphalt, if the ground is already semi-frozen, will break free and crumble from the binder.

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