3 Ways to Get your House in Top Shape

house with driveway

Buying a home is often one of the biggest purchases and decisions a person makes in their life. After the purchase is made, it’s critical to maintain your investment. We’ve made a list of three home maintenance tips to keep your house looking its best – inside and out!

Get the carpets professionally cleaned

The majority of houses have carpet in at least several, if not most rooms, giving the home an inviting and warm feeling. However, carpeting requires routine maintenance. While it is important to keep up with consistent spot cleaning and vacuuming, it’s equally critical to have the carpet cleaned professionally each year. This will help keep you home healthy and extend the life of your carpet.

Get a roof inspection done

When correctly maintained, a roof can have an extensive lifecycle. A well cared for shingle roof may last about 20 years without having to be replaced, and a tile roof may last up to 100 years. However, caring for your roof requires occasional repairs and inspections. According to the NRCA it is recommended to do a self-check at least two times per year in addition to expert inspections one time every 3 years.

Reseal and clean the driveway

In order to keep your driveway in top condition, it’s vital to regularly clean it. The best method of doing so is by power washing. Power washing may be a challenging task, and if you’ve never done it before, employing a power washing service can help ensure the job is done properly. Besides having the driveway cleaned, it also should be resealed. It is a good idea to seal the driveway every one to three years. Driveway sealing is a crucial part of maintaining your driveway; however, it isn’t the only aspect that could require attention. If the driveway has potholes or cracks, it is important to get those repaired before applying any sealant. Also, if your driveway has any extensive pre-existing damage, consult a professional who can assess and repair the driveway before they reseal it.

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