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Archive for June 2020

Preventing Winter Weather Conditions from Damaging the Driveway

Winter weather has the potential to wreak havoc on several aspects of your property, including your driveway. In the winter, the driveway can be exposed to freezing temperatures, hail, snow, sleet, and rain. In turn, driveways can develop potholes, cracks, fractures, and additional types of ugly damage by season’s end. Read further on how you…

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What are the Best Conditions for Sealcoating a Driveway?

Sealcoating, ideally, ought to be applied to a driveway when the weather is dry and warm. These conditions are optimal for making sure that the sealcoating effectively and efficiently cures and dries. If temperatures are under 50-degrees F or above 85-degrees F, the sealcoating might not cure properly, which results in a decrease in performance.…

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